Wednesday, April 11, 2007

A Message About Mother's Day Flowers

Mother's are special individuals and without them as we all know humanity would not exist.

But beyond that they are so many other things, Caretakers, Maids, Coaches, Friends, and more and without them most of us would be swallowed up in this big ol' world of chaos and confusion.

Flowers are a major part of celebrating our Mother's on the fabulous holiday of Mother's Day and letting them know just how much we appreciate them and love them can not be left unsaid. Although we all could make it a point to say it more often in between our hectic schedules and busy days, Mother's Day makes sure that Moms everywhere get their just and well deserved recognition.

Now recently a question was asked by a fellow florist to post a blog answering the question “What are your three favorite Mother’s Day flowers and how did/does your Mom inspire you in the flower business?” You can see the original blog post at Avante Gardens Blog.

It's refreshing to hear the responses from other fellow florist all across the country, such as the one from Felicity Flowers & Gifts.

Now to answer the question:

My 3 favorite flowers for Mother's Day are:

Tulips: They have a stately appearance, and have become one of the most popular flowers of Spring. There's a Dutch saying that every bulb holds a promise--a promise of a world alive with color and good cheer. Certainly, the exuberant colors and dependable flowering of tulips fill that promise.

Gerbera Daisy: A cheerful bloom that seems to just smile every time you look at it. The range of bright colors are vast and it always seems to make an arrangement come alive.

Lily: The blooms are large and bold and demand attention and the fragrance is yet delicate and beautiful. They remind me of my Mom as she fit the description of a lily perfectly.

As far as inspiration, well I guess I didn't have any direct inspiration from my Mother when it came to inspiring me into this business as she passed away when I was a very young. But being raised a large, deeply povertised family my Mother's strength, wisdom and words "Never doubt who you are or what you can be and do. Your mind is your key out, you just have to be smart enough to know how to find your lock" was my inspiration to being as successful as I could in whatever I choose to do and be.

Flowers were never purchased in our household as it was a luxury my family simply could not afford. But the house we lived in had a row of beautiful, orange Asiatics up against the side of it and I loved to pinch a few once in awhile to take inside for my Mom. She would look at me out the corner of her eyes (she hated us to mess with her flowers) and say "you know your not suppose to be pulling my flowers" then she would smile and say thank you as she put it in a plastic water glass to place it on the table, warning me gently once more to stop pulling her flowers out her beds.

Sometime as I arrange those particular flowers, I chuckle and think if she could only see me now, she may not have minded all of the flowers I snuck from her flower bed.

I am tagging:
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Heather said...

Lovely post Pam! I love the set up of your blog and hopefully more florist decide to join in on the "blog tag"!

gerry said...

This was really nice to read...thanks for this wonderful post and thanks again for posting the links...and well i've also posted a few stuff over at my blog on Mother's Day Wishes so drop by sometime and check out all that i've posted there!!!

Everyday Flowers Tustin said...

Thanks for the tag. I hope our tag game works. Great blog post as well thanks for reminding me!