Saturday, February 3, 2007

Will the Real PRO Please Stand UP?

Another Valentine's Day, another onslaught of negative advertising about professional florists from Liberty Media's ProFlowers.

Here's what Real Florists really want you to know:

ProFlowers takes the pro out of the gift of flowers.

-The roses arrive with damaged outer petals (called guard petals) because there's no pro to remove them prior to delivery.

- Your Valentine gets to clean and condition her own flowers since there's no pro to do it for her.

- Your Sweetheart has to assemble her own gift since there's no pro to professionally design it.

Avante Gardens blogged about replacing a box of ProFlowers roses last Valentine's day and about getting a guy out of the doghouse after his wife was embarassed to receive one of ProFlowers' boxes at the office.

So if you want a profession of love from your Valentine, turn to the real pros

- Local Professional Florists like us that deliver grower fresh, thoughtfully arranged flowers.

See tips about ordering Valentine's Day flowers for more advice about how to choose just the right floral gift for your sweetheart.

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